restored the army or force public.

Patrick - June 21 2007, 9:31 PM

Rehabilitated the FAD'H(Force Armée D'Haiti) or force public whatever you called it, is the best step for your government to build up an environment secure and prospect in Haiti.

A force public for all citoyen( san pati pri).

We don't need a force to fight other countries, go to war, but a force pacific which could support our police national and country in case of disaster such as coup, traffic:human and drugs, corruption(taxe payment, justice, office public or private), border (sea, space, and land), environment(hurricane, earthquake, overflow, deforestation etc).

We have to improve the police national and the force public to serve and protect all Haitians, and create a state of democracy for all( etat de droit).

AND MUCH MORE. Think about that.

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Raphael V. says...

Gen le ou bliye se menm lame sa wap mande pou tounen-an ki te bay Gouveman Aristid-Preval kou deta ki te nwaye rev pep... more »