We need a factual List of Morally repugnant Haitian Elites

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We need a factual list of the morally repugnant Haitians economic elite.

A factual list should be based on facts not on emotion and malice or revenge.

The name of the person should match their historical misdeed and relative wealth.

So far we have 10 names on the blog and the names of Mews/Mevs and Bigio always show up.

Co.zo 2, July 13 2010, 4:17 AM

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Some of those people that are working in the Haitian Embassies and Consulates are family members of those repugnant... read more >
Antoni Hernandez, 13-Jul-10 4:41 am
This will be a good place to start doing investigation on Who's Who in Haiti.This will tell you who are the bourgeois... read more >
Co.zo 2, 13-Jul-10 5:01 am
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Co.zo 2, 13-Jul-10 5:17 am
This link does not limited to Haiti. We could trace their families and relatives that lives in other countries by... read more >
Co.zo 2, 13-Jul-10 5:24 am
Liste des ecoles d'haiti. fotki.com/ Au cas que l read more >
Co.zo 2, 13-Jul-10 7:01 am
Bon, Co.Zo*2 besoin al dormi. moin fait gnow bon research,research ki poil kimbe nou occupe pendant des mois.Moin... read more >
Co.zo 2, 13-Jul-10 7:08 am


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