The Young Haitian Savants

Micael Dukes - June 23 2007, 7:34 PM

To The Honarable Rene Preval,

How are you sir?

Hope all is well with your health and family.

President Preval I don't know whether or not you will read or see this letter; but i do hope that whosoever that it reaches may have a heart to let you know that there are some educated concerned Young Haitians that wishes to return back home to help rebuild the social structure inside and out.

Unfortunately sir, your present government still maintains and has the what one might say "Moun Pa" which prevent the advancement of the social structures for Haitians into the 21st Century.

My argument may be agreed upon by many due to the fact some appreciates that Haiti should still be considered "the Poorest in the Western Hemisphere" so that we who would like to come home again to rebuild will be refused the opportunity due to others envy, greed or jealousy.

Do you realize sir, that even though you might be president but the cabinet of old still reside with you in the white house so that new change can't come because they've already trained their children for the current posts they preoccupy therefore change would always be at a standstill or rather anihilated if it came to pass. Mr. President I am honorably discharged from the US ARMY, a college Graduate, Business owner who would love to come back to Haiti to live and work there; but unfortunately you know the rest of the story for the Diaspora who wants to return! Many have tried and have their spirits broken by the same people they came back to help.

I would love the opportunity to be a part of a foreign staff hired by your cabinet; to reinvent the Haiti my parents used to talk about, where there was Safety, Food, Jobs, and some of the world's best doctors.

The Diaspora Haitians are considered as the "Lost Children of Haiti" a country that was once considered the "Pearls of The Antilles." I would more than appreciate it one day if by chance or invitation I would meet you my dear President.

I appreciate this time writing to the President of my country.

The Pleasure was all mine sir; may God Bless You and Ayiti.

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