Although I have never met Jean-Bertrand Aristide face-to-face...

Mena Moreau - July 14 2010, 9:45 PM

Although I have never met Jean-Bertrand Aristide face-to-face.

I was one of the key person who was writing his correspondence for him to Washington in the early 1990's and before 1994 right to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. period.

There, I was the mediator between Haiti and U.S. (employed by Dept of Justice, US).

Then, I believed in Titide.

He proved me wrong when he changed his attitude towards the Haitian people; when he decided to make money instead.

Titide became a true Duvalierist.

I turned my back on him.
My cousin became his first lawyer and she too was disappointed in Titide.

This tale is first hand experience.

This is not hearsay.

Aristide became a millionaire.

Does that tell you anything.

Or you are too blind with devotion to see it?

Aristide should come back to his homeland but he should not take part in any political events.

Mena Moreau

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