Gregory Mevs, The Next President of Haiti to Solve Gang Problems

Charles Henry - July 19 2010, 1:11 PM

With Gregory Mevs and Fritz Mevs Sr. as prime minister, Haiti will be relieved from its gang problems due to the fact most of the gangs are connected to all economic elites in Haiti.

Gregory Mevs and Fritz Mevs with a simple call can ask them to cooperate to end MINUSTAH's presence in Haiti.

Go ahead Mevs and good luck. You will not have to live more days in Florida and Dominican Republic than Haiti.

Your solid presence in Haiti will help boost the Haitian economic system due to the fact you will return most of Haiti's accumulated wealth into your hands to the Haitian government as controlled and managed by your family.

Go ahead Mevs and Good Luck with the begining of the end of gangs in Haiti...

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They don't need to be president or premier minister because they infiltrated their relatives at every level of the... more »