stop critizice let come together too save HAITI

Marley Brunache - July 19 2010, 3:32 PM

Anyone that talking bad about the president need to stop because unless you prove to every bady that u can do better you don't have nothing to said. As haitian one of the think we do best is:critizice others.The man is not a bad president is not a great one either but who don't need work in life to improve in reality i do not know the man never met him in my life at this point all we have to do is to stop the madness come together and SAVE HAITI she need every last one of us.I'm a US MILITARY RETIRED i know threre are many of us wanted to do good for HAITI lets not loosing focus RENE PREVAL is history let's focus on tomorrow.

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Commendente-zero says...

I give you an A+ for showing that you really understand what is going on. more »