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We are the hope of the Haitian people in Haiti and we should unite on one common cause to remove all Haitian oppressors from Haiti starting with the Mevs family and Brandt to name a few. We should finance a Social Revolution to free Haitians and Haiti from their oppressors.

The top 5 families of Haiti want to only create a consummerism economy in importing goods from overseas.

A consummerism economy will make Haiti more dependent from the international community.

Haiti can produce many of the agricultural goods that they keep importing from overseas.

They refuse to invest in education, agriculture and technology as well. The sons of the colonizers are worst than the colonizers.

Remember, France had full control over Haiti from 1697 to 1797 with a ruthless colonization.

Their sons inherit the wealth since 1807 to present (203 years of the wealthiest Haitians' colonization).

Haiti is due for a drastic Social Revolution to turn stuffs around.

It is time for the remnants of the French colonizers to be back to Europe to enjoy the fruits of their colonization principles.

Long life to Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora should free Haiti forever.

Toulimen, July 19 2010, 8:54 PM

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Toute poisson nan lanmer mange moune se rekin ki porter mauve non. Mews is not the only one. Start doing our home work... read more >
Flh Hlf-div Sud, 19-Jul-10 9:13 pm


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