First -- what does this even mean? Afghanistan was run by the...

Maxime L. Gerard - July 24 2010, 10:42 PM

First -- what does this even mean?

Afghanistan was run by the Taliban, harbored terrorists and is a Muslim country.

I can't see any comparisons here at all?

This is a clumsy and inept shot across the bow. When people, such as Aristide, Preval and the Groupe de Bourdon, start to see that someone can come in and clean up Haiti and put it on a path to a bright future, they get nervous and start making these sort of ridiculous and confusing attacks.

They are really getting nervous.

No more business as usual in Haiti -- change is coming ...

they should be nervous.

How will they make their money when all they know is how to be corrupt?

Maybe they will have to go to Afghanistan!!

One of the top three most corrupt countries on earth is Haiti.

The corruptors in government and the private sector run that place.

Stanley Lucas with his ideas of good governance and democracy is a threat to network of corrupt businessmen eager to make millions illegally in a hurry is behind those in power in Haiti and keep them very well funded.

Just look at how the network of corruption is at work to demonize Lucas.

If you don't know him and if you are not aware of his work for the people and sacrifices he has made, by reading the Internet, you could have doubts on him. This guy is courageous, he is heroic and there are few Haitians like him that are willing to challenge a corrupt government and the most repugnant elite.

Good luck to Stanley Lucas.

Maxime L. Gerard


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Well said Maxime, I need courageous people like you...

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