Montresor 2011 will not violet the Constitution unless he obtains a waiver:

Montresor 2011 - July 31 2010, 9:23 AM

My fellow Haitians,

I have to admit after several attempts to negotiate, prepare the way for my Presidential candidacy for the 2010 elections of which brought me to complete submission of my disciplinary cores of such values that reminds me to cherish every moment I've spent on Haiti's interests to live as a free and prosperous aren't at all going to waste because we are more educated today than before.

Together we face some tough decisions to make in order to bring major change in Haiti.

Over the years I've worked courageously with diligence to implore transformations for our Nation of which I dearly love and cherish so much.

As we reach the end eras of old timers in search for our new beginnings we should not allow ourselves to be vulnerable, nor at the mercy of foreign powers to control Haiti's destiny; therefore I am asking all Haitians to stay open at considering every option, tactic, strategies that will help and guaranty our safe passage to start anew without jeopardizing or creating chaos in the country.

What I am referring to is, as a nation, we are to properly study Haiti's influential people and nations of interests' intents to sabotage Haiti from moving forward to a better future by deliberately manipulating our political stage as a sovereign nation; for many candidates are simply there and supported by foreign nations to hinder my progress from winning the election because they understood the power of my vision.

Despite all, you and I have our part of the puzzles to play regardless of what the outsider plan to do or have done in the past; after all it is Haiti's time to raise the bar of equal standards for our country's men and women.

I understand the fragileness of being misunderstood, so I will make clear to all of you that we only have one option left as to bringing me in as Haiti's commander in-chief without violating the constitution or giving foreign invaders reasons to take over our Nation.

I am committed to respecting or use of proper diplomacy another to avoid violations of Haiti's constitution and that is why I choose not to travel to Haiti and present my application as a Presidential candidate without confirmation of a waiver to run for the Presidency.

Now as we have seen and heard President Preval and his government refused to do the things that will set Haiti in the right pathway in become a self reliant strong nation.

If things continue the way they are shown to be at this momentum time in history Haiti will remain as is for another 200 years; however rather or not he does what's right we still have many other choices to fulfill our solemn duties for Haiti's sake without violating the constitution ourselves.

As a Presidential venture my simple request from the Haitian government/CEP/Parliaments is based on sounding diplomatic procedures of protocol, prudence to avoid unwise, unplanned and hasty decisions that would perhaps create hardship on my workload finalization of readiness for 2011.

So the proper thing for us to do as a people, and nation is to grant me (Montresor) the power to rule the nation with integrity, peace, and justice without going to the presidential voting process by that I mean, I need all of you to take to the streets and peaceful march, and voice out for you to have the chance to decide your future because you have the rights to support the leader of your choice.

And that will override, and solve the constitutional presidential outline and referendums that seem to produce the failures of our state to properly function in the 21st century.

God Bless!

Mr. Michael M. Delasse
P. O. Box 345
Sand Spring, Oklahoma 74063
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