Montresor 2011 implores a response of his intent letter from Preval.

Montresor 2011 - July 31 2010, 9:25 AM


President Rene G. Preval
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Dear President Rene G. Preval,

On behalf of the Haitian people and as a Presidential candidate and member of the U. S Diaspora I'm now requesting of you one more time to respond to my previous letter of intent to run for the Presidency dated 12/14/09 that was delivered via U. S registered mail to the Haitian Consul General Mr. Lesly Conde.

As specified before from my previous letter I've requested some exemptions from the Constitution and or the CEP requirements; however these requests are still standing.

It is an unethical practice by you as the head of Haiti's government to fail to acknowledge the importance of proper diplomatic communications with Haitian citizens living abroad that is of our country's political best interest of which you have a solemn duty to defend.

Therefore I hereby demand from you the following actions without negotiation:

#1 to announce by Presidential decree my acceptance as a national Presidential candidate without delay,

#2 to publish my Presidential identity on the ballots as required by law and the Constitution,

#3 to reserve my Presidential classification ID number which may or may not be available, but specifically the number 11,

#4 To waive any known and unknown obligations presently standing

Due to your disorganization and the unconstitutional amendments of Parliament's decisions to extend your term in power has caused major confusion and loss of time and preparation to address the country's needs, and timely process for future successors to assume their roles and make decisions to be placed in a timely manner and fashion on the ballot with preference to their wants and needs.

In closing your negligence is disheartening and unpatriotic on following the basic rules that our country deserves to move forward.

I only hope that you will heed and act upon these requests urgently preparing the way for my candidacy.

Respectfully Yours,

God bless!

Mr. Michael M. Delasse

Proud Independent Haitian Citizen for President in 2011,
Candidate for the 2010 Presidential Election
Montresor 2011, Haiti One Nation, Under God.
P. O. Box 345
Sand Spring, Oklahoma 74063

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