Tiba register to run for President before deadline

Earl - August 4 2010, 11:52 PM

Tiba: Go now and register yourself to run for President, before the deadline to register has passed, and as your new Arab American boyfriend I will be your campaign manager and help to put you in position of power.

At least you are here along with others offering ideas and we shouldn't all jump for joy because a popular singer who has no policies for Haiti wants to be President.

Its better to have someone like yourself who is involved in these issues and has been for sometime to lead. At least you have a good understanding of the clowns from D.R. and how they want to rule Haiti when, in truth and fact, with proper leadership in Haiti it will be the other way around and Haiti will liberate D.R.!!!!

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Ajmx says...

Is there any way that you leave us alone? We do not want to rule Haiti or the Haitian People. Anyway we have a couple... more »