Presidential Elections

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Why do we send our children off to College and Universities or why did I bother to get a education.

If sing and dancing is worth more. The scientist teachers and economist don't get the bragging rights like the Khardashean Sister.

I am a scientist and believe in this highly technological world, that no the northen hemishere should not be run by a self educated lyrisist.

I love to boogy but it has it's place.

When I need a dentist I'm not going to call Beyonce.

As far behind Haiti is in it's development the country needs to be run by a panel of outsiders that can have the best imput into the nation until it can stand on its own. As it stands the gross gnp. of the country is from other nations and that is the reason that Haiti needs to put off elections until it is self suffient.

As we all know billions of dollars have been donated to Haiti.

And I'm sure lots of people would love to personally get their hands on that kind of dough.

I say this as a African American I could not elect or support a singing artist to run a country.

It says that the standards for president are low. Also, this is the 21st centuary with issues of world economies why would you as a people be subjected to irresponsible behavoirs when you have suffered so badly from a bad economy and natural disasters.

Wycliff Jean is an extention of the existing President.

Haiti, needs a real politican and economist with no ties in the future to past presidents.

But, in the meantime the U.N need to step in and set up a delegation to get this country on its feet because every one is going to want to be a theif.

Mary Derricotte, August 6 2010, 7:14 PM

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