If any one studied or read they would know that Reagan was a...

Mary Derricotte - August 7 2010, 1:00 PM

If any one studied or read they would know that Reagan was a friend only to rich white people, he defined the black woman of America as some one who was using welfare to to get rich. Lets keep this on the up and up. America suffered tremdously from Ronald Reagon 1. He finanaced the Contanista war in South America with Drug Money this money came from America off the streets of Harlem and L.A. and Chicago.

This fueled the beginning of the cacane soon to be crack cocain and gangs of the streets.

That is why it is very improtant to have a President whom is truly educated.

Haitis may speak french but they want to associate with the Americas.

A strong education is needed in the 21st centuary.

In America we call our selves African American because that is our Ancestry, one that we embrace and are proud to be called.

I can't believe you wrote me back and your only argument was that bafoom who willed his power to destroy the black community, and you want to define him from a rich white mans eyes.

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