Yes, you have mentioned most of the failures, for African...

Mary Derricotte - August 8 2010, 9:49 AM

Yes, you have mentioned most of the failures, for African Americans and White Americans in Leadrship and Economic capabilities.

However, Barack Obama does not fitinto that group.

1. He isa collehe graduate from Harvard and so is his wife. 2. He worked in the grass roots of politics in Chicago and held the Senate seat. 3. Has pulled to U.S. from the grips of recession after a nation was bankrupted from the previous 8 years of GeorgeBush.4. Has reveived the automotive.

5.Has stoped the Iraq War. 6.Has reversed the loss of homes in the U.S. 7.Mr. Obama has made BP give up and stop the biggest oil disasster in U.S.history.

Now, the only thing that you are telling me is that the highest office in the land can be run by a incompitant person as long as he passes standards that so low.This conversation is not on can he run, it is how qualified he is to solve the problems of the poorest country in the northern hemisphere.

In a time were your country needs the brightest you tell me of his riches.

You ave many people like him rich an incapable of changing the destiny of the poor. Haits history is full of those people.

Then you write of stealing as though it is the main stay of your goverment operation.

Like I said in the beginning of this conversation.

The elections in Haiti need to put on hold, and the United Nations need to run this countries economics until this crisis passes.Low qualifications only mean low product.

You cannot defy science if a person doesnot posses the ability to change Haiti itwon't happen.

So from your writing, you could care less about The improtance of a educated person.

Wycliff Jean in this country is a "jig a boo"He could never run for president.

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