White Americans Reject Hollywood Racist Portrayal Of Blacks In Movies

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White American KKK Scientists and movie makers always portray blacks in America as criminals, thieves, drug dealers, addicted sex offenders, lazy and rootless people in movies, film documentaries and cartoons as well. White KKK Scientist Doctors destroy the blackness culture in America by inseminating the anti-chromosome genes to many African Americans in America to show that Gayness comes from black culture.

They inseminate that gene to many animals around the world to prove that homosexuality is a natural product and a God-Created product too. White KKK Scientists employed within the Food Corporation industries produce highly chemical foods to sell to black communities in the U.S. to kill them in great numbers.

White KKK Scientists are proning early death to African Americans and other minorities through misdiagnosis and chemotherapy treatment to prevent them from enjoying their retirement benefits after their hard labors ended.

White KKK Scientists with their biopower only can decide who may live or not. White KKK Scientists are the ones that are discriminating Haitians in the U.S. as well as in Haiti.

White KKK Scientists are the ones that are creating viruses to reduce the world population and they are working within the Red Cross and Center For Diseases Control offices as well as Central Intelligence Agency known as CIA.

Wyclef had denounced them in his latest performance and many state in America that he will be dead in 72 hours as he portrayed it in his last performance if elected president in Haiti.

White American KKK Scientists will inflict a terminally ill disease to Wyclef or foster his political assassination as they have been done it for years in Haiti...

However, with the election of Barack Obama, good White Americans seem to say no to White KKK American Scientists.

Blacks and all good White Americans should step up to denounce this group and kick them out from power.

America should renounce White Supremacist ideology through a solid debate to foster humanity causes.

America should kick them out from manipulating government members and all corporations in America to accept their racist dirty work against blacks and other minorities.

America should booster Haiti's cause as its solid partner country and fire all White KKK American Scientists within the American Foreign Policy dealing with Haiti's problems.

White American KKK Scientists are the ones to blame for Haiti's poverty and they are well tied to the top 5 richest Haitian families as being hardline conservatives themselves.

The Greatest hardline conservative after Baker is Mevz or Mezvinsky family in Haiti.

Haitian people need to denounce those families and step up for their rights.

As we know, good White Americans want to reject racism and we should capitalize on that to foster our humanity cause in Haiti.

Beware and stand up for the big fight in the Haiti's November Elections of 2010

Jolicoeur A., August 8 2010, 1:52 PM

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