Today what we see is lots of opportunists that are trying to...

Lanj Andre - August 9 2010, 12:13 PM

today what we see is lots of opportunists that are trying to take the people wherever their own interest is found forgeting that, even though the nation seems to be lying down it is not sleeping as some would think.

We do not say that wyclef can't be president, neither do we say that he does not have an education but the moral decency requires is that he acquire a little bit of more experiences before he could assume such a huge resposibility; we often minimise the task of the presidency in this country and that's why we fail to respect our presidents and in a word our authorities.

If the Haitian people does not stop electing unexperienced people as the head of the nation one day we are going to be forced to elect a foreigner as our national leader such thing we were very close to do after the earthquake.

My fellow citizens the destiny of Haiti does not rest only on the shoulders of a president but also on those of the Hatian people first and then the political class.

My heart fell out when see how many people are getting ready to assume the function of president in this country.

No one is ready to yield but they all want to be in command and at the end the real victim is the Haitian people.

We would rather ask Mr Wyclef since when Walmart and McDonald do away with poverty in any country it entered if not increase obesity among the young children whose parents no longer know how to make a sandwitch.

An international Highway in Haiti! Where is it gonna start?

You guys are playing with development terms forgetting the Haitians of today are not those of 1990 fo Aristide.

We are fade up of fallacious promisses.

The Haitian people need actions.

Dont forget that action talks louder than words.

in conclusion we can say it with confidence that Wyclef is a good patriot, a good citizen but he has no experience or in a word no natinal backgrounds to become the supreme magistrate in Haiti.

Thank you for your audacity.


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