With all due respect, your assessment of Wyclef's...

Toulimen - August 9 2010, 1:16 PM

With all due respect, your assessment of Wyclef's qualifications and competency as far as the Supreme Magistrate of HAITI is concerned is worthless.

We had so many experienced leaders as former heads of Haiti state and what did we get in return?

The answer is shame, deception and humiliation of all in a corporate globalized world.

It takes a corporate millionaire like Wyclef to help Haiti integrate the corporate globalized world.

The international Highway is possible due to the fact we share the island with an international country which is the Domincan Republic.

High roads with bridges are possible and they will transform your mercantilistic society to a capitalistic one. A highway with three or 4 ways on both sides is possible.

Haiti is bigger than Maryland and New Jersey and look how many highways they have and why not Haiti.

If you are a lazy person that does not envision a good and brighter future for Haiti, you will not agree with tunnels, road briges and highways constructions for Haiti.

I am hopeful that will be possible if we bring Wyclef into power.

Wyclef can be a president with no salary, for he is not looking for a paycheck, he has money to live the rest of his life without running for president of Haiti.

He has been called by the international corporations to sacrify himself for the Haitian cause which he kindly accepts to do it ok. It is the time for action and not competence or national background as you claim it. I urge you to vote for Wyclef to end your forced exile and the exile of all your fellow citizens in the diasporic world ok.

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