Hey body, You need to understand most of the folks commenting...

007 - August 10 2010, 12:47 PM

Hey body,
You need to understand most of the folks commenting on Wycleff bid for the presidency have nothing personal with the man. He has accomplished many things in his career as a musician.

He still can help Haiti in other front.

Let me tell you this: If you have a business and you let someone in charge of it; If that person cannot produce for you, you would fire the person.

You would not replace him by someone with less education.

You want someone who can help you succeed.

You would keep on trying on person who brings the best resume until you find one that you think this one can help you.
It is the same thing for our country.

I believe that you love HAITI as well as I. Can we really entrust the future of Haiti in the hands of Wycliff?

With all sincerity, I think not. Haiti needs at this time not the same politicians for sure. But Wycliff is not the one. The European educated politicians need to be replaced by American educated ones. Lets think about.

We have always been governed by European educated people, but nothing has changed.

Not because they can't, but because they have to enriched themselves first and their friends and their family.

We in the other hand, in America, we accumulate wealth while we are in school because of the system of government they have here in the states.

One who is US educated has another perception of governance.

He has integrity and respects the state affairs.

He does not see the public's money as his own do to the fact that he is learned and taught to respect public property.


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Let me tell you something that you do not understand...

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