Let me tell you something that you do not understand and you...

Toulimen - August 10 2010, 9:34 PM

Let me tell you something that you do not understand and you will never understand until you see the preeminence of Wycleff into power in Haiti.

Who are going to decide in the November 2010 Elections?

Will they be educated Haitians and how can you expect them to listen to you?

I believe that the candidate that will distribute more money and foods will be the ones selected by the people of Haiti.

We do not have an educated electorate in Haiti to choose president.

Even the educated ones can decide to choose Alexis as the most experienced one to lead Haiti or any other candidate in the next coming five years, they will still be outnumbered by the most uneducated ones.

Listen, now forget about more experienced and qualified people to lead Haiti in the future, Haitian people will not listen to you. They will only listen to the candidate that can feed them and shelter them as well. That is why you have Wyclef on board and he is the last hope and the best hope for the Haitian people in this time of urgent need. He has proven his leadership skills on that and the international community is ready to endorse him unless instructed otherwise.

If he does not win it is not going the end of the world for him. From what I heard on the news, many investors are ready to invest in Haiti if Wyclef can get elected.

Haitian people in Haiti are not looking for degrees or eloquent speakers, but they are looking for people with the best ideas to lift them up from their abject poverty as managed by those poverty pimp managers called Mevs, Baker, Vorbes, Brandt, Accra and The Bourdon Group.

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