I have read your comments about Haiti and a lot of what you...

Earl - August 13 2010, 9:07 AM

I have read your comments about Haiti and a lot of what you wrote is true but some of it is somewhat distorted as you have used "selective" periods in the history of Haiti.

I lived and worked in Haiti in early 1980s and never experienced any "anti white sentiments" and it is interesting that you speak of Papa Doc but failed to mention Baby Doc. During the period of time Baby Doc was President of Haiti the country had a military and air force.

I was a pilot working for Baby Docs father-in-law. You speak of "change in political culture" and this may be coming in form of revolution rather than election as some Haitians are already calling for it. I don't mean to offend you but your statements about Haiti and comparing Haiti to U.S., could come from being associated with the University of Georgia.

Have you taken a leak on your bulldog today?

How can bankrupt, lawyer run USA dictate to Haiti or even guide Haiti in the right direction when U.S. could be headed for greater problems than Haiti now has?

Recently a U.S. Senator said the U.S. would soon be hit by nuclear bomb(s)! Keep in mind U.S. is young nation only couple hundred years old and not qualified to be involved in internal affairs of other nations and the history of such is recoreded with the defeated foreign policies of Vietnam, being kicked out of Iran forever, last observed fleeing Lebanon in the night, defeated policies in Iraq trying to cram U.S. style democracy down the throats of Arabs while the U.S. actually has a "caste" known as the legal caste (all three branches of government dominated and run by LAWYERS!).

Late American newspaper publisher E. W. Scripps summed up the situation when he wrote: "If there is such a thing as true freedom and democracy then the road to that goal lies over and through the ruin and annihilation of the legal caste." Regarding the lawyer "leaders" who are now seeking to expand foreign intervention with new war in Korea and provoking China, etc. consider this statement by E.W. Scripps: "The lawyers are known to be liars.

They know they are known to be liars.

They constantly practice falehood and false pretense.

From among these men we select our judges!" Let us agree on an important point.

If Haiti needs a change in political culture then surely the U.S. needs the same thing.


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