Earl, Please calm down before you blow a gasket! I have tried...

Tiba - August 15 2010, 1:21 PM


Please calm down before you blow a gasket! I have tried really hard to understand your post but can keep up because of too much of inconsistency and ambiguity.

Please forcus!

Tell me/us this, 1) are you a Haitian-born, and if so, where in Haiti were you born?

2) are you a candidate in the November elections?

3) can you give us the yahoo news link with Wyclef Jean calling for dual citizenship, etc.?

You said "I was glad to hear its O.K. for me to return too!" did he call you by "name" to return to Haiti too?

"We should thank God Haiti will have a new leader taking action before the election who has U.S. military training and is vet of Iraqi Freedom movement and will know how to accomplish these objectives without all this talk, talk and constantly cutting down whoever is President which is a meaningless position in Haiti as Haiti now exists." (Earl)

Earl what exactly are you talking about?

I am very confused here. Who are you exactly referring to, you or Wyclef?

Earl, there is a fundamental fact about military men and women, former and current, and that is they never make successful/progressive presidents/governments.

They tend to turn into dictators or authoritarians.

They are prone to govern like military while they forget that a country is not a military corps.

If that was a true fact, I would call on my son, who has been in the US military dudging bullets in Iraq for a few years now, to be president of Haiti where I (his father) would be the Treasury Secretary.


Rapper Wyclef Jean seeks dual citizenship, etc.

I am posting this message around noon on Sun., Aug.15, 2010 and at Yahoo website & yahoo news there is article Rapper...

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and the story may still be there. Get your son...

and the story may still be up there. Get your son...

Hi Tiba, you make me laugh with your posting...

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