and the story may still be up there. Get your son...

Earl - August 15 2010, 2:05 PM and the story may still be up there.

Get your son involved too and I agree with that you would make good Sec. of the Treasury.

Answer me this. Whats the difference in a "dictator" and a "caste" (legal caste) which is what the U.S. government has as all 3 branches of government & both major political parties in U.S. are dominated and run by LAWYERS! Late American newspaper publisher E. W. Scripps wrote: "If there were such a thing as true freedom and democracy then the road to that goal lies over and through the ruin and annihilation of the legal caste." I had thought you were a woman thanks for informing me you are a man.

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Earl, Please calm down before you blow a gasket! I...


Rapper Wyclef Jean seeks dual citizenship, etc.

I am posting this message around noon on Sun., Aug.15, 2010 and at Yahoo website & yahoo news there is article Rapper...

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