Hi Tiba, you make me laugh with your posting. Remember, when...

Toulimen - August 15 2010, 2:58 PM

Hi Tiba, you make me laugh with your posting.

Remember, when you became a Treasury Minister, please do not forget to appoint Toulimen as an Assistant Treasury Minister.

Listen, Earl is trying to undermine Wyclef's presidential bid in the next elections of November 2010. He is spreading lies all over this blog. What he never understand is this Wyclef is more capable of moving Haiti forward than this current puppet president called Preval.

I always disagree with Preval's policy on handling the Haitian presidency and the economy as well, but I will never myself call for his forced departure as a Jurist person.

It is hard for me to call for coups d'etats of any elected president.

If we had a good Congress which we never had, Preval could be easily impeached, for it is a waste of money paying an incompetent person to do a job for which he or she is not qualified to do so. I am working on a law project to foster impeachment for unqualified and incompetent president in Haiti in the future.

The Constitution formula on presidential destitution is senseless and we should come up with a stronger one to do so.

Actually, I do not really perceive Wyclef as a real qualified presidential candidate, but his international connections and the help with other competent economic and political advisors can help him manage Haiti better than this current puppet president.

I cannot wait for his term to be over and as many claim it he will be the worst president in Haitian history...

Earl is trying to foul himself and he does not even know what he is arguing for in his post. There are no defined goals, objectives and purposes in most of Earl's posts so it is a waste of time arguing with him. Take care!

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