Haiti's Constipation Needs to Get Scraped Off Now!

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The Haitian Constipation, bettwe know as the Constitution, needs to get scraped off because it's not worth the piece of the paper it's written on.

The paper it is written on would worth more by using it to wipe butts after taking a dump.

This so-called constitution was written by and for the Most Repugnant Haitian Elite (MRHE) by keeping the country and all of its citizens in a choke hold. The time has come to get rid of that usless and meaningless piece of document.

I call up on ALL Haitians to get that piece of document, put it on the ground, step right over it, and piss on it. That's what it's good for!

Tiba, August 21 2010, 8:51 PM

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