Hithat´s really good to here

Dasny - July 5 2007, 11:59 AM

Hi my name is Dasny,

I live in germany.So, I´m intrust about your e-mail you write.It´s very good what you say.It´s will be great, if Aristide come back. So much bad United Nation soldiers.

We don´t want them there, because what they do is just sock the country and doing corruption things.They take what we have and nobody have to talk about this.Last week we write President Preval about what´s going on in HAITI, because we try to do some organisation, but he don´t even write back, but me and my wife think that he was mad about what we write or he don´t read what the people write.

What we wanna do it´s very good for Haiti, but we need a connection to bring stuff for the haitienne people, but we don´t know how.But if you know how, please contact us.

Greetings Dasny


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