Dr. Rivel, Please calm down before you blow a gasket! you seem...

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Dr. Rivel,

Please calm down before you blow a gasket! you seem to be hallucinating!

Dr. Rivel, what do you have against Wyclef?

Do you want him to apologize for being so rich?

Don't you think he work hard for his money?

Dr. Rivel, Haiti did NOT give Wyclef the opportunity to ever become somebody nor to ever amount to anything in life.

The United States gave him the opportunity, and so he took it. Now he is somebody but you and others like you cannot handle it. You and people like you are filled with so much envy and jealousy for the man because he is rich, famous, and popular.

Dr. Rivel, Wyclef did not get wealthy by stealing from Haiti's public treasury, like Preval and those before him did.

"However, no one should blame the president nor the CEP for abiding by the law" (Dr. Rivel).

What law exactly are you talking about?

Last time I checked Haiti was a lawless country and out of order.

The constipation (my bad! I meant to say constitution) is not worth the paper it's written on. This is the most nonsense and crappiest document ever written in the history of mankind.

You said "Haiti is not for sale", right?

Well, let me inform you that Haiti has been on the market for sale since a longtime ago, trouble is, no one wants to buy it because they don't know what they would do with it, or what they would use it for.

You just presented Mirland Manigat as the next president of Haiti, and you have no idea how much the monkeys in African jungles are laughing at you right now for that.

I want to inform you that the caveman, the monkeys in the African jungles, and my dog included, are watching with great interest if Haitians are going to elect this buffoon, Mirland Manigat, as president of Haiti.

They are watching to see if Haitians are really as incompetent, dumb, and stupid as they look.

This woman, Mirland Manigat, was elected senator in the elections of 2006, in which her husband, Leslie Manigat, was a presidential candidate.

Her husband, Leslie Manigat, lost the presidential elections to the House Slave, Preval.

And therefore, he ordered his wife, Mirland Manigat, not to swear in office.

And she did exactly what she was ordered, she gave up her senate seat.

Now, imagine this woman ever got elected president of Haiti.

First, Manigat would be the president in charge, not her. Secondly, imagine Manigat got pissed off and ask her to resign, etc. etc

This woman cannot be trusted ever, not because she is a woman but because she has no character, no competence, no back bones to even stand up to her husband, and no....and beside she is a senior citizen with early alzheimest disease and dementia.

She and her husband both belong to a nursing home.

Haiti needs to get rid of all these senior citizens out of the government and replace them with young blood with new ideas.

Mirland Manigat, Bellerives, and Jacques Edouard Alexis, and many others are to old to be in the government.

They all need to retire and move into a nursing home. These people are the ones who keep holding Haiti back for lack of new ideas and the know-how.

Tiba, August 26 2010, 10:22 PM

Topic: C'est la Constitution

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