No Privatization unless the govt owns 51

Jan Ou Wel La - July 6 2007, 11:21 PM

Joseph, I do not know where you learned Economics, however, when you have an institution running a deficit, you are not in a position to sell unless you want to give it away. The public institutions in Haiti are not in a position to make that kind of transition, given their negative performance, unless the Haitian government restructured them first i.e. in such a way to become profitable.

For example improving services, decreasing personnels, getting qualified people to assume key role etc. Many people think that Teleco and EDH are not good companies or not strong enough, all telephone companies in Haiti use teleco infrastructure without a doubt and teleco capacity is great.

Except that the government always chose incompetent people to run them. If President Preval continue with this charade, Haiti will certainly fall on the ground.

Joseph since you think that privatization the way we know it in Haiti is good for the people, please let us know one good thing that you know the haitian people or consumers benefited from Hasco, Ciment d'Haiti privatization besides that the goods are exhorbitantly expensive.

Please tell us what they did with the money.

If someone seriously want to invest in Haiti, why don't they start from scratch as I did in the US, that way they can do whatever they want.Once the government privatized the institutions, they have no control of what has become the institutions.

I will agree with privatization only when those institutions are restructured and become profitable.

In addition, I would agree that the government need to retain 51% of the instirutions in order to protect the people interest


about the privatization

I'm realy happy when you said that you are going to prevatise three institutions public that's real a good idea for...

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