2010 time of change

Yves Henry - September 14 2010, 6:46 PM

We often wonder if the politicians of Haiti ever got tired of seeing their beloved country "Haiti" as the poorest and the dirtiest in the world.

How can we as a people exist for so long, 200 years, and not learn to collaborate with one another?

Is it because we are black or because we are illiterate, or because we don't care for one another, which is it?

We always want to blame somebody else, but not ourselves.

I believe it is not because of our skin, and that we are a smart people.

But our problem is because we don't seem to care for one another.

We can't afford to go on and continue to live like that anymore.

We need to stop blaming others and ask ourselves, what I need to do for my country.

What do I need to do to clean up my country?

We don't need to be president to help our country.

We are the people, what can one president do?

Therefore, we all need to give a hand and help. If we see something need to be done then we need to get it done. Don't wait for a Haitian savior or a superman to come change Haiti.

We the people need to change Haiti.

We can start from our neighborhood for instance and get the roads clean up. I went to Haiti to help after the Earth Quake and I had a chance to observe my beloved Haitian people.

They don't even have clean water or food, not to mention a clean place to sell food items.

Come on, after 200 years?

When can Haiti have air condition Malls, and Wal-Mart, and other air condition places to sell food items, so we won't have to buy our food from trash?

Please I'm begging you Haitian politicians, don't just see yourselves in this 2010 elections, the people need your help. Show a heart for the country you love so much, the country that our ancestors fought so hard for. Motivate the people to clean up the country.

If you have to provide free food and free music for that to happen, then so be it. But please, help Haiti.

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