America's Gratitude Debt Toward Haitians

Toulimen - September 19 2010, 12:47 PM

How could Haiti become an American territory when America refused and continues to refuse to acknowledge in America the loss of our 500 Freedom Fighter Haitian Ancestors who liberated them from the British Empire in the Savanah's Battle?

America took half a century before they acknowledged or recognized Haiti's independence in 1862. How can one reconcile these two facts?

Well, you will tell me that Bill Clinton apologized and acknowledged that in Haiti, but why not in America so all African Americans know about Haiti's contribution to their country?

Why not in America so all Americans could learn and appreciate the valuable contribution of Haiti to their country?

Do Haitians belong to America?

The answer is yes and they have to live where their ancestors fought in the past. Do Americans belong to Haiti?

The answer is no. They did not fight to liberate Haiti from France and Haiti cannot and will never be an American territory.

I was led to believe that Haiti could become an American territory in the past years, but when I searched through the world history, I have come to understand that the answer to that is NO.

With America's interference in Haitian political and economic affairs in 1862, Haiti became twice a curse, for the coup d'etat against Lysius Felicite Salomon Jeune in the 1860s was a great proof of what Americans brought to us. CIA is responsible for all coups d'etats and political assassinations in Haiti.

Why should Haiti become an American territory?

Do Americans like Haitians?

They do like our unskilled labor force, but I do not think so they can help us become a truly independent country.

In this globalized world, Haiti should make a choice between its sovereignty with poverty or a free associated state with another developed and advanced country with jobs and better life for all. Will Haitian political leaders understand this choice and the price to pay as well?

For those who are against selling Haiti to foreigners, I will say to them that Haiti has been sold for years to the international world for no price.

Haiti does not produce anything and we became the last poorest country on earth.

Is this a beautiful picture?

I want all those nationalists on this blog to propose to me their reconstruction plans and tell me how they can take Haiti away from its dirty path of corruption.

Tell me why Haiti should or should not be an American territory.

Come up with facts to support your arguments.

You can search on the web whatever facts that I argue in this posting and you will find it. Come up with a good discussion with no curse at all, for we all love Haiti...

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Jean Claude says...

Bravo Toulumen. I thought that you were a tioul Amerkin like Deluca. more »