Please President do something in cap haitien.

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I went to haiti last week to pass my vacation.

I was so sad about how I saw Cap haitien.

When I imagine, I see that cap haitien get only one way in and one way out, and it's a small town.
The cars cannot even drive five MPH because this only road that they have is broke.

They have no walkway, no alsphat.

no body can have a good car in cap haitien because there is no way to drive a good car.
Please Mr President do something for cap haiten.

please those student those poor people who's trying make it in life, help them to have a good street to walk. even the only street national #1. They' ll be happy to have that from you. The town is broke down MR Pre, no body see nothing to do in it. Majistra, sanators, Depute.

No one of them see nothing to help this town to have a good road. They all bought their big jeep, they all buy big car they know that can drive in the town. Please President Rene Preval do something in this situation.

Jimmy M, July 12 2007, 7:18 PM

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Honey, hold your breath!!! He is not going to hear you...he is just waiting for the AID to come in.. and pocket it... read more >
Tika 260, 1-Feb-10 5:03 pm


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