Mr. Stanley Lucas,"Give peace a chance" to restore political...

Lakou Lakay - October 16 2010, 4:18 PM

Mr. Stanley Lucas,"Give peace a chance" to restore political and economical stability in Haiti.Lucas, You look like you are constipated aller __acas.

President William Jefferson Clinton aka Bill and his wife or even our not so good friend George Walker Bush are not known to be dishonest or embezzlers.

Those presidents have good track records regarding monies.

I would rather see the Clinton-Bush team keep the monies and decide how to spend them for Haiti even-though I will have some apprehension about Bush's political leaning decision about the spending.

In recent history, most of the Haitian presidents and their cronies managed to still the Haitian public funds.

There are unsubstantiated rumors that the late presidents Paul Eugene Magloire and his entourage stole public funds.

The Duvalier-Bennett crime families story is well documented world wide.
I will not trust Stanley Lucas with the Haitian coffers not even if he is being watched 24X7 by cameras.

Take a look at the pictures he posted on the internet.

Examine his materialistic and extravaganza tendencies and the type of women he he likes to be seen with. Stanley ou pap sis.
We are asking Bill, Bush and Sean Pen to manage the money and to protect us against the "ti grangous" masquerading as patriot.

Try to look for a messenger job or dishwasher job or "ti grand moune" job in the US. You will not be able to steal the Haitian money to spend it on you potential mistresses.

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