This is Just a Suggestion!

Camille Francois - July 13 2007, 11:32 PM

Dear President,
I would like to congratulate you for the good work you are doing now for the Haitian People.

I see how much you are trying to raise the living conditions for haitians.

I am an Haitian-American, I have lived in Boston MA for 28 years, and I work as an Associate Scientist, handling several research positions in Biopharmaceutical firms.

I contribute a lot towards creating cures for many diseases.

I trained MIT and Havard Graduate Student into research biotechnology.

Sometimes I think about my home land, and how much my skills and scientific background could help my people but I am afraid to come even for a short visit due to the insecurity that reflects a nasty atmosphere which causes a panick among decent people vacationing in Haiti.

I have friends and colleagues who're willing to help Haiti but they're also afraid to go there when they know what happens daily.

I would like to urge you and your administration to create a radio program either weekly or bi-weekly to motivate haitian people about the benefits they could obtain if they allowed Haiti to once again be considered a calm and secure place.

When this happens it will allow the sons and daughters with the ability to come back in order to use their abilities to help improve their homeland.

Most of us do not think about money in the same sense Americans do, we work for money here in US but we like to to pay our country back. I deeply believe Haiti's future depends on all of us inside and outside of the country.

The reason I have contacted you today is in regards to the governemental radio program.

Last month I attended a conference at a Hospital in Boston, the facilatator was a Physician, He expressed his deep concerns about Haiti.

He noticed how much haitian people strived for clean water and yet could not find a reliable source of it. He also made mention that he visited a rural area hospital and there wasn't any running water, electricity, and no laboratories..

Thre are no rooms available to admit patients who need ergent care and the lack of laboratories made it worse for those patients in need of testing, since the only facility capable of doing it is located in the capital.

His words deeply touched my heart.

I am not selfish, I love my birth place, and I desire to contribute to my native country.

I believe together we can do many things even swiftly change many bad conditions that are present currently in Haiti.

We only ask you to help create an atmosphere of security which is a basic condition of development in all civilized societies.

Just remember that "We're ready to help you".

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