RE: Haiti Election 2011

Jessica Joseph - October 24 2010, 5:48 PM

preval needs to see it to believe it

1 he needs help ASAP his wife too, he give his daughter millions of

to invest, and people dying for hygiene his daughter never work before, preval have 2.3 billions

save in Venezuela 2 millions in in Cuba each of family have 20 millions as saving, where those money are coming from?

he by a single family home cash for 900.000$in Florida, one house in Africa for 4 millions, where are those money come from?

now he needs his son in law to be president, and he still asking American for help, more preval have ashame, Haitian please do not let preval leave his beautifully palace with those money, live American alone, President Clinton and President Bush are not your dad we do not own preval nothing, make preval pay the money back before he leave his paradise palace.0

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I really need to know where are you getting your facts from? I feel that when people are making those accusations that... more »