Later, they will inflict us malaria, tuberculosis, thyphoid...

Max H. Joubert - October 28 2010, 11:43 AM

Later, they will inflict us malaria, tuberculosis, thyphoid, aids, HIV, herpes, gonhorrhea, meningitis, sphyllis, chlamydia, hemorrhoid, celiac disease, STDs and others.

Red Cross Technicians are the vermines and they are paid to inflict those diseases to reduce the Haitian populations.

We must watch them to every inch of their move. They are the modern bocors in the world.

The same America that is helping us is the same one that inflicts us those diseases with the complicity of the Haitian government and the elites as well. They are all getting paid to open the death chambers for the spread of that cholera disease in Haiti...


American's Self-Inflicted Diseases To Reduce Haitian Populations

Yap bannou aid e yap plen bouda nou ak maladi tou: By Sanjay Gupta CNN Chief Medical Correspondent I visited one of...

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