Toulimen, I love your posting and I copy it too. You are a...

Sandra - November 6 2010, 10:06 PM

Toulimen, I love your posting and I copy it too. You are a true Haitian and you do understand Voodoo very well. Can you be the next transcendental leader to liberate Haiti from those mercenaries such as the church leaders and the Voodoo sorcerers?

I thought Haiti was a Voodoo country, but the way you have explained it Haiti is very far to be a Voodoo country.

It is a Christian country and that is why poverty and oppression are destroying Haitians like in those Christian countries in Africa.

Haiti has been colonized as you said since 1862 by the American church missionaries and that is why we are so poor. We need to be ourselves, for there is no difference between Voodoo practices and Hinduism and Islam as well...

and those religions are not considered as evil religions.

Why Voodoo is evil?

Can you clarify that for me?

Take Care!


Dr. Price Mars: Be Ourselves! Soyons Nous Memes!

Toulimen Says... Listen, Montessori, I am not a Christian and I will never be a Christian for the rest of my life...

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