Toulimen, thank you for clarifying this subject for us and...

Philomene Pierre Medard - November 7 2010, 8:21 AM

Toulimen, thank you for clarifying this subject for us and there could be no hatred against the economic ruling class of Haiti anymore.

Haiti became a bad country since 1862 when it renounces to its ancestral roots.

As you said it Haiti was prosperous when it was a Voodoo country from 1804 to 1862 and it has been proven through those years on the international arena.

From 1804 to 1862 Haiti was on the same equal footing with the United States and when the U.S. came to colonize Haiti through its churches Haiti became the worst country on earth.

I agree with you that Haiti is not a Voodoo Country but a Christian country and the elites although accomplices are not totally responsible for Haiti's misery.

What do you say about Brandt and Mevz that want Haitians to be Haitians and not Lavals, Prevalists and Duvalierist as well?

Do they invite Haitians to return to their ancestral roots to free themselves or to stay away from the inperialistic regimes that want to colonize them more?

Please specify and clarify those positions for me. I really love your writing and I would love to know you too. I will send you my info on a subtle way ok. May God bless you! We need brave people like and I assume that you are one of the Baby boomers' generation like me, for people born in the 1980s do not know those stuffs...


Haiti Is Not A Voodoo Country Since 1862

Toulimen says: Haiti Is Not A Voodoo Country but A Christian Country since 1862 When Haiti was a Voodoo country, its...

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