Your problem is that you fail to underdstand the difference...

Nadege - November 7 2010, 4:06 PM

Your problem is that you fail to underdstand the difference between talk and action.

Before supporting a politician - whether a veteran or a newbie - make sure to look into their track record, and only there

Millions of people voted for Obama because he promised " hope and change," but his record as a senator was no different than those that he criticized during his campaign.

Haitians like you are in no position to be ignorant, so dare to learn the facts, or you all will remain slaves forever.

As I've said, and I will continue to say it, Henry Baker, like Boulous and the rest, work for the US, and if Haitians make the mistake of electing him, or if he makes the mistake of stealing the election, then Haiti will further implode to the point of no return.



It is about time that we start thinking realistically about Haiti and its reconstruction. Let us face it, everything...

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