The Haitian Slave Mentality Revisited

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I have a few tips for some of those who felt compelled to respond to my previous posts.

1. When choosing a president or any other politician, please make sure to bypass the political rhetoric and research the person and their past and present actions.

The typical politician (like the typical "player") will tell you what you want to hear, and usually with no intent to deliver.

Unfortunately, too many people - not just Haitians - fall for the political rhetoric over and over again, just as we saw millions of Americans fall for Obama's "hope and change" nonsense.

2. When responding to a post, please make sure your opinions are formulated based on facts and not propaganda that has been fed to you. Haitians are in no position to expose their ignorance, especially in these time when the country and the people are in a very vulnerable state.

3. When I mentioned Americans, I refer to the American GOVERNMENT whose policies towards Haiti are largely to blame for the country's beleaguered state.

4. The Haitian oligarchy does not care about you. You are nothing but scum whose hard labor is worth 2 bucks to a day to them, so those of you who have it in your mind that a criminals like Charles Henri Baker who have repeatedly conspired with the so-called international community / false benevolence movement is going to save Haiti need to wake up from this delusion.

5. Haiti's priority should not be tourism or other types of "foreign investment." Nor does Haiti need more neoliberal policies.

Haiti, on the other hand, need social services, education for all, health care, and other local infrastructure that will not only create jobs, but empower

6. If you think having a bunch of foreigners vacation in the country, while the average Haitian work as servants for the multinational hotel chains and resorts is the solution for Ayiti, then you need to get smacked upside the head and sent to a re-education camp. Not to mention relinquish your Haitian citizenry.

7. An opinion is one that is based on facts and evidence.

Opinions are not based on ignorance and propaganda, so please know what you're saying before typing.

8. Sell out Haitians who don't know their history or what's truly going on in their country should keep away from these threads and go spend some time researching and educating themselves.

This is especially the case for the diaspora, which has tremendous power, and can help towards the betterment of the country, but instead wallow in this cocoon of willful ignorance.

Nadege, November 7 2010, 11:57 PM

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