Look Nadege, Your sympathy towards the poor is so endearing. I...

Marjory Middy - November 8 2010, 12:17 PM

Look Nadege,
Your sympathy towards the poor is so endearing.

I do hope you understand that the word "coons" means "black trailer trash".

Your ignorance is showing more with each time you post something.

You have no compassion toward the poor, and yet I think you are from their social class.

According to you no man should be a politician because they either want to f$ck
with your head or your body.
Are you a lesbian by any chance?

According to your logic, Haitians got it even worse because so far, they don't even have a dirt floor to sleep on. The dirt floor would be an improvement.

You see, with Baker they can get a better deal than that....

I like your quoting of Bob Molley's Redemption song of"mental slavery".

It almost sounded like it was yours...

Slaves of yesteryear had much more power than you think they did.
They decide if a master is going to live or to die because they cooked their meals for them...

The slaves decided if the master's babies will live or die, because they took care of them everyday...

The slaves decided whether or not master's house will be standing still because they could have a little arson by accident...so on and so forth.

You have grossly underestimated the populace.

It is perhaps the reason why you can't understand the plight of today's Haitian masses.

You totally disassociated yourself from their misery.

Your talk is all about Marxism of yesteryear.

You could easily be classified as a psychopath (no conscience) or a narcissist.

Either ways you are lethal against the betterment of the Haitian masses.

Rest assured that Haitians are NOT stupid.

They know what is good for them; especially after being burnt so many times.

They do in fact understand what NOT to do....

You see, with you it is either the stick or the carrot.

If you don't hear what you want to hear, you start kicking...Now, who is enslaved, still?

Conspiracy and dirty political tactics are old games.

We want something new....

You are not IT.
Good by, Nadege.

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