This is the last time that I will be trying to try to reason...

Marjorie Middy - November 8 2010, 4:07 PM

This is the last time that I will be trying to try to reason with sh%t head like you.
You do have an agenda and yours does not correspond to the Haitian masses.

How can you say in all good faith that Haiti does not need manufacturing or "sweatshops".

What the hell do you think diaspora since the 60's are doing in foreign countries?

Take a wild guess, if you can. It seems like you have NO imagination.

You are good at being a Jacko Repet, nothing more. You have no brain of your own.
We already know that Baker is a businessman and that he owns "sweatshops"
and that is precisely why we need him to create MORE jobs. We all can't be lawyers, doctors, bankers and such because we have to invest in good education for Haiti first.

We are talking about IMMEDIATE jobs to create money right away for Haiti with the skills that the masses have right now.
Maybe you have been "duped", not me, not a great percentage of Haitians.

Please, I am not your "friend" and don't refer to me as such. Take your condescending attitude some place else.
What exactly are you reproaching Baker?

That he has created jobs for Haitians, that he has helped relentlessly body, soul and skills since the Quake?

that he helped with the Cholera situation in Haiti right now?

That he gave medical staff his office to use as a clinic for the People. etc. etc. etc....

Remecimen chen se kout baton, pa vre?

for you maybe, some of us are fully human and fully alive...

I do know for sure that Baker CARES about Haiti and ALL Haitians.

You are just not used to people who care. Yes, these types of Haitians do exist still.

Albeit rare. You behavior is a bad seed to the core...A little education is a dangerous thing.

You are a living proof of it.
You referred to the new Haiti with Baker is a "Neo-liberal system.

I wish that you are right.

Neo-liberal is a tendency to favor free-market capitalism that is EXACTLY what Haiti needs.

Haiti needs to fly away from financial independence from foreign countries.

Free market capitalism could take us away from abusive existing monopolies...boosts the economy and in turn help us build those infrastructures that are sorely needed in Haiti.

My ancestors worked very hard for me not to think like anybody owned me. They have died in order to give me a free state so that I don't need to call anybody "master".

I owe it to my ancestors to think and behave like like a free person mentally, spiritually, and materially.

This is why the word "slave" does not belong in my vocabulary.

My ancestors eradicated this word from my vocabulary; they EARNED IT. Dessalines, Toussaint, Petion: I am forever indebted to them.
I do not take too kindly to the word "Nigger, Coon" and the likes.

I don't care whether you are Haitian or not. This is a derogatory word that is dehumanizing and hurtful to a whole Race.
Where I live, this is considered a Hate and a Terrorist act. I can bring charges against you. I have warned you to NOT using it again.

Unless you have money to burn. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because you are Haitian you can commit crime against another Haitian.

That does not wash here. I intend to take full use of the Law. This is time that you start respecting the Black Race.
Fair warning,

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