Why am I not surprised? I expected you to answer exactly the...

Marjorie Middy - November 8 2010, 10:22 PM

Why am I not surprised?

I expected you to answer exactly the way you do. Not too bright and emotionally charged with garbage.

I explained Neoliberalism to you in a short cut. Apparently you did not get it. This is not my job to do your education.

A much longer definition for you: Neoliberalism is a theory mechanism developed for global trade and investments on the principle that all nations could benefit equitably from. It is a way ideally structure economies to move from the government unto public sector and to finally the people.

It is a modern politico-economic theory gravitating towards free trade, privatization, minimal government intervention in business to reduced public expenditures on social services starting since world war II. (Is that slow enough for you?) I bet your two favorites Neos are conservatism and imperialism preferably in this particular order; leaving out liberalism.

How left of you?

Unlike you I know who I am. I don't need a pseudo-politico social advocate to tell me who I am. It seems like you are screaming for recognition and attention.

Rest assured that I will oblige right after the holidays.

I got your IP address.

Let's hope that you are not using somebody else's. I will be seating in the sum somewhere on a beach celebrating the holidays like I do every year to get away from cephalic-brain damaged like you. When I come back, prepare yourself for some serious litigation process.

Because you use "Coon" in a singular, directing at one person in particular, you think you can get away with it. Nope, you are deadly wrong, the reference is still be made to a whole group of people.

It does not matter...You should become a cause celebre -- Black-on-Black crime is a crime still.

The free market that I was referring to is that it stands to reason that if the public sector is engaging in competition to serve the state, that implicitly spells a certain amount of laissez-faire...

Rightist: Eliminate barriers to free trade and reducing labor regulations;curtail inflation and minimize stimulus employment growth.

Your view stems from the theory that capitalism is exploitative and that Neoliberalism creates lower standard of living, can produce informal employment, thus unregulated economic growth, increase pollution, occupational related accidents hazards and diseases.

Basically you are promoting unemployment is a better choice and way healthier.

Haiti can't afford you.
Yes, part of what you have said is potentially logical but it is taken straight from political science 101 at a community college opportunity you. Theory badly digested with a diarrhea producing effect.

Haiti needs to work. Haiti has to crawl before it can walk.
Protective and preventative measures can be taken to minimize those side-effects of employment.

This is called the cost-of-doing business.

For real, now Nadege.

It is against my grain to insult a woman.

In your case, I had to make an exception because you are insulting my Race. This is non-negotiable.

Even though you are black yourself, you are not emancipated yet out of slavery.

Your thought pattern said it all. Hitler would have had a field day with you. You sound like an "Orio" you know Black outside and White inside.

Personally, I don't care as long as you don't impose it on me and to a certain extent to my people.

I will not answer any of your posts from now on.
Happy Holidays,
Will get in touch soon thereafter.

Hints: Don't spend too much on gifts this year...

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