You are an idiot. You fail to look beyond the...

Nadege - November 8 2010, 11:44 PM

You are an idiot.

You fail to look beyond the carefully-crafted definition of neoliberalism, AND, you ignored the examples of neoliberalism that I've stated.

I support capitalism, but neoliberalism is not capitalism - it's corporate fascism, you dolt.

NAFTA is a byproduct of neoliberalism - tens of millions of American jobs were shipped to other countries for the purpose of cheap / slave labor.

At the same time, millions of Mexican farmers were forced out of business because of highly subsidized agricultural goods dumped in their country from the US and Canada.

Neoliberlism is a lose / lose. No countries gain - and only corporations gain.

Under a neoliberal regime, corporation s are allowed to sue governments if they deem government policies - usually social policies - have caused them to lose profit.

Neoliberalism is a corporate control of a country's economy, and hence, their sovereignty.

Haiti cannot afford more neoliberal policies, as the ones that were implemented since the mid 1980s are partly responsible for the implosion of the country's economy.

Again, keep sucking slavemaster dyck, but the average Haitian knows what's best for them, which is why they've continued to fight against neoliberalism and the incremental takeover of their country.

And you're still a coon. You're still a field nigger.

And you're still ignorant and unsophisticated.

I don't know who is worst, your or Tiba.

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