With all due respect, Leslie Francois Manigat was not the only...

Toulimen - November 10 2010, 7:52 PM

With all due respect, Leslie Francois Manigat was not the only one who came to power in Haiti through political fraudulous means and he will not be the last one. He did good than any other Haitian presidents when he was in power and Georges Bush Senior had expressed remorse for overthrowing him. He had a solid economic and competent team in power and things were doing well. Was Mirelande in power at that time?

Did she steal any elections?

No. Mirelande Manigat and Leslie are too separate persons in terms of politics, and both of them are experienced and honest people as well. Machiavel states this "The end justifies the means." Manigat's regime proved to be one of the best political regimes that Haiti ever had. Did Georges W. Bush steal elections in America?

The answer to that is yes. He stole twice against Al-Gore and John Kerry and what did America do?

They forgave him and they healed themselves to defend America's causes.

We need to stop being vindictive and Mirelande Manigat is well experienced to lead than any other political candidates in Haiti.

The international community will trust her expertise and her know-how and Haiti would get funds to start economic development projects to rebuild the country.

I am sick and tired living overseas and especially in a country where people have no respect for us. Americans, Canadians, and French people have no respect for Haitians, Somalians, Ougandians, Malians and Rwandan people.

People do not trust us and they believe that we are bad people and we know nothing.

We need a person with strong leadership and political vision to move this country forward and Mirelande Manigat proves to be the most qualified and experienced one among all Haitian political candidates and that is all about her...

I hope you join her before it is too late. The reason that the bourgeoisie gets Baker and her on board, it is because they are tired of old Haitian leadership and both of them will form a new government to move Haiti forward.

Mirelande will be president of Haiti at 100% and I have no doubt about it...

She is very popular in Haiti and Haitians already forgive her husband...Join the good cause and the good fight.

Vote for Mirelande Manigat ok!


Quoi de neuf

Toulimen Says... vous faites semblant oublier que Mirlande Manigat fut la Première Dame de la république...

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