Mirelande Manigat knows Haiti's problems well and she is...

Philomene C. Pierre - November 11 2010, 6:59 AM

Mirelande Manigat knows Haiti's problems well and she is qualified to lead Haiti.

She cannot ban from the presidency because her husband went to power via unproven electoral frauds.

Mirelande's ideas will move Haiti forward.

She will invest in early childhood education and mass education campaign to increase the literacy rate in Haiti.

She will give to poor children in Haiti a brighter future and a better country.

She will help the large majority of poor Haitians in the same way all developed countries help their minorities who are poor. She will create work to get the poor out of poverty and the majority will not be forgotten.

Mirelande is the perfect fit candidate to lead Haiti as a head of state in the days ahead.

Her years of studies overseas and her competencies will be paid off. Those sexists machomen bloggers think they can prevent her from winning the presidency with their false accusations and they want to tell me a qualified and experienced woman cannot be president in Haiti.

Men can steal elections, but women will not do such a thing.

Those machomen bloggers want to kill her like Mrs. Benazir Bhutto those savage men in Pakistan killed while she was campaigning in her own country.

Men are criminals and aggressive by nature and women are not. Brazil, India, Chile and Israel to name are governed by female heads of state and those countries are making a lot of progress than they were before and Haiti should be next. Mirelande is well qualified to be president in Haiti in the days ahead ok...


Mierelande Is The Best Political Candidate To Lead Haiti In The Future

Who Is Mirelande Manigat: I was born in Miragoane, on Sunday, November the 3rd, 1940 (70 years of age). I am a...

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