MY Proposal to the New Governmenr of Haiti!

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I have never been a man of big words and never will. I always choose to speak in a simplistic language that everyone can understand, including Rene Preval

Here is my proposal/suggestion to the new government of Haiti in order to get out of charity/handout, begger of the world and becoming self-sufficient, solvant.

I) the government must take back Minoterie, Cement d'Haiti, Teleco, and all the other state enterprised that were sold to private investors, and get them all back up in opperation.

That will provide thousands of jobs to Haitians and bring revenue to the state.

2) The new government must find a way to move all those living in tents in Port-au-Prince relocate them to various parts of the country.

The government can build tents in those locations to housing them in order to clear the way for the clean up and the resconstruction.

3) The new government must say to Bill Clinton to put up or shut up. It is time that Bill Clinton starts spending all the millions and billions he got through his foundation for the reconstruction of Haiti.

4) The new government must shut down Port-au-prince to facilitate the clean up and the reconstruction effort.

5) The new government must start the reconstruction effort by building basic infrustractures first like: electricity, drinking water, a sound telecomucation system, etc. etc...

6) The new government must make sure to cut all red tapes (the malicious Haitian bureaucracy) to allow all materials get deliver within hours of their arrival and not let them sit on the ports while the population is waiting in their suffering.

7) The new government must learn to listen to the Haitian people too and just to the white man.

8) The new government must assemble a competent and capable team that can make things moving, and I would not mind to be part of that team.

In conclusion, the new government must understand the basic concept of government's function in order to be successful which is to "Protect and to Serve".


Tiba, November 17 2010, 3:00 PM

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Tiba, 18-Nov-10 10:23 am
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The Humanists, 18-Nov-10 12:09 pm


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