You are living in the United States, but it seems that you do...

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You are living in the United States, but it seems that you do not understand how the U.S. government operates.

The U.S. government market share is 5% and the private sector owns 95% of the market.

Does that make the U.S. a bad country for having a small share of the market?

No. You said that I have been intolerant in my approach with you, but that is not true. Look, you are talking about giving them six months or face consequences.

That is not what the new government that I will represent will be doing ok Tiba.

Listen, 95% of Haitians are living in abject poverty and we cannot continue to burn down businesses or confiscate people's properties to solve poverty's problems in Haiti.

Our program will be to restructure a system and make it work efficiently to alleviate or eradicate if possible poverty in Haiti.

We will create a credit system to strengthen the private sector in Haiti and through strong regulations they will create more jobs to employ more people.

Haitians need jobs and they do not care if they will get hired from the private or public sector.

We will have less than 5% of employees under the new government budget and the private sector will hire qualified people to do their work.

We will create a lot of governmental agencies to provide subsidies to those new private contractors and subcontractors to create jobs on their own to take people out of poverty.

Our capitalism will be one with a human face and the new state of Haiti will be a regulator state and things will be doing differently there.

Strong rules and new regulations will be put in place to integrate Haiti in the global market.

This is a globalized world well controled by the club of Rome and don't expect that you can do things differently on your own without those lending institutions around the world.

Here in the U.S 85% of Americans are working for the private sector and they do not even care about government jobs. A strong private sector well controlled and regulated by the new government in Haiti will work for the Haitian people.

We will not have time to fight or seize other people's properties in Haiti.

In our restructuration program, some contracts will be renegotiated and more jobs will be created.

We want rich peope to create more jobs and the government will provide more services to all Haitians.

We will not impose taxes on the wealthiest ones because we want them to create more jobs, however, we will negotiate our parts from their capital gains i.e. profits so the government can pay for the services they are providing to the people.

We will collect taxes on products and services and the country will work better.

We will create a new Haiti for all Haitians in Haiti and overseas and the redemption of Haiti will be possible.

We have some wealthy Haitians who are ready to invest in Haiti and they trust our new management plan for Haiti.

Just be patient and relax, for things will be better.

The idea of centralized government or big government will not be tolerated anymore in Haiti in the days ahead.

This large bureaucratic that previous governments inherit from their predecessors will be dismantled.

We will come up with a regulator state that will oversee all Haitian institutions and hold wrongdoers accountable for their bad deeds.

Our restructuration plan will provide good governance mode to the state of Haiti and things will work better for all.

We got the ok from the rich, the international community and the Haitians throughout our campaigns.

Haiti will work for you and you will not have seize anything or warn others about severe consequences.

We will promote peace, unity, reconciliation with others in exile overseas and we will implement a new order for our long time overdue of unsolved disputes ok...Restructuration and a capitalism with a new face will be our leitmotive.

May peace be upon you my brother!

Anonymous, November 17 2010, 11:42 PM

Topic: MY Proposal to the New Governmenr of Haiti!

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