Haitian Presidency: Raising the Bar for Higher Expections

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Haitian Presidency: Raising the Bar for Higher Expections

With all due respect, you are entitled to your own opinion and we are in democracy after all. What Haitians in Haiti and overseas need is this "qualified people to serve them and represent their interests at all levels.

I do not need to be president of Haiti to serve Haiti, but I need Haiti to be integrated within the international community as a strong independent nation.

Tiba, we have values and we need to keep them. Look what Preval did when he was asked to talk at the U.N. Convention right after the earthquake.

He hadn't highlighted any good propositions before the world to show how he was going to solve the Haitian core problems right after the earthquake.

It was the foreign minister of Brazil who stood up and highlighted all the problems that Haitians faced before and continue to face after the earthquake.

How can we call that?

Incompetency or mediocrity, please tell me how you will call it?

In the Caribbean Region, we are the only country that has 131 political parties and many of us are proud of such a legacy.

Haitians are not serious about their own problems and that is why they get treated very bad by their political and economic elites.

Yesterday, at one of the U.N. sessions, one of the closest Obama's associates asked me if I thought that Haitians would deserve a well crafted restructuration plan that I had submitted to them two weeks ago. My answer to them was this "I am sick and tired of the same old routines and I believe Haitian peasants and the poor Haitians living around all those Haitian cities deserve better.

And it is time to restore leadership, sanity and decency as well."

I am a person who will give you a good country with a strong leadership and the eradication of corruption to restore human dignity in Haiti.

We need to be serious about ourselves and we need to tell the world that we are capable of governing ourselves before we tell them to stop interfering into our internal and political affairs.

We are begging them for help, but never take drastic measures to reduce our dependency from them. Tiba, I have been studying all my life and I am not interested in any presidency position at all. I have been asked to be the new prime minister of Haiti or a finance minister despite all my qualifications, but I turn down all those offers.

I can serve my country in many other ways without being president or holding any public functions at all. I will be flying to Brazil tomorrow where I will meet both Lula and the new president of Brazil just to talk about the new restructuration plan for Haiti.

We cannot have a strong leadership in Haiti if we do not restructure the system...

I am tired with incompetency and mediocrity my friend.

The reasons for those countries such as U.S., Canada, France, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and so on to leave Haiti behind after 1960 is because they elect qualified and competent people to serve the interests of their people.

Good leadership requires competency and not mediocrity Tiba. A good president needs to know the law, operations management system, management labor relations, international relations of his/her country with others, the international protocol within a globalized world, world corporations and corporate managements, statistics of his or her country and other basic life skills before s/he can seek his or her country's presidency.

Do you like the political mess with 131 political parties that Haiti has found itself after the departure of the Duvaliers?

I don't think so you like it. Can we fix that?

Yes and why not?

I am asking them to make the Haitian presidency position an honorific one with no salary at all. This position could be held by the President of Haiti State University or Haiti's Supreme Court Chief Justice or the House Speaker of the Haitian parliament after the restructuration.

I wish the Haitian presidency could be an unpaid job and an honorific one too. We need to serve our country with human decency, competency and personal dignity.

I can serve Haiti without being president and I may not accept any position at all if the new government is not going to implement those reforms, for Haitian people deserve more than that. We can do it and we will do it...

If we want Haiti to be saved, we need to raise the bar and we need to be serious too. Actually, people do not want to hear from us and it has been 50 years since we lost our prestige throughout the world.

We have good leaders and do not put on your minds that all Haitians are incompetent.

Three days ago, I had a meeting with 17 Haitian financial advisors and experts in Boston and none of them is interested to run for the Haitian presidency in the future.

They are very knowledgeable and I praise their expertise.

They ask me not to go serve eventhough the new government will accept to implement my proposed reform plan. Tiba, we need to restore leadership as well as raising the bar for higher expectations...

Haiti cannot continue to function the way it is. I have been out for 25 years and I am tired ok and I want to go home to liberate all those Haitian intellectuals who are living overseas against their will. That's why I am fighting for. I am honest and I will not tell you lie. You and other Haitians deserve more than the current treatments that you are receiving from the political and economic elites of Haiti.

While we all deserve better we need to be serious too. Therefore, start raising the bar for higher expectations my friend.

We call that good governance through accountabilty and transparency.

We should raise the standards whether you agree or not. It is not question of poor or rich to have access to the Haitian presidency, but we will be seeking for qualified and competent people to serve the interests of the Haitian people.

May God have mercy upon you!

Unauthorized Anonymous, November 19 2010, 8:06 PM

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