You have raised serious points and concerns in your current...

Anonymous - November 20 2010, 4:29 PM

You have raised serious points and concerns in your current and previous postings and your criticism of the Haitian system is very constructive too. I know that you are a well educated Haitian and you and I can help Haiti without being president of Haiti.

A good Samaritan well educated can set up the rules to make Haiti a beautiful place for all Haitians and competent foreigners who want to live among us. In the 1960s, Haitians were respected all over the world and now nobody wants to hear from us anymore.

We were on an equal footing with most of the advanced nations of the world and in the last 50 years with Duvalier, CNG, Avril, Namphy, Trouillot, Aristide and Preval's legacies to name a few, we became the worst ever country in the world.


Something does not work and we should raise the bar to bring competency on board.

The president job is an honorific position in India and in Israel as well and why not in Haiti?

Shimon Perez has only his trips paid if he has to represent Israel overseas.

We can do that Tiba and some rich persons like Baker, Gregory Brandt, Mezv, Saliba, Castera, Dimitri, Forbes, Flambert to name a few would not hesitate to work for free to implement the rules of law and sanity to Haiti.

I would not mind to do this job free to restore dignity among all Haitians.

I would give you a well structured country with the eradication of corruption and believe me Haiti can have its respect back again.

I was at Yale three months ago attending a semininar class on Economic Development Projects and one of the Sudanese guy stated that Sudan is better than Haiti.

He said that Sudanese have pride and Haitians are beggars, liars and corrupt people.

I did not hesitate to stop him and refrain from voicing such opinion against my country.

He has learned all those facts through the United States media.

The United States never promotes Haiti's cause and it is the one destroying our country since 1862. We cannot forget this Haiti was doing well before the interference of the United States in our internal affairs since 1865. The United States overthrew one of the first democratic regimes ever the one presided by Pdt Salomon and since then successive coups d'etats continue up today's date.

We need to restore leadership so the United States media and the CIA could stop tarnishing our reputation and images in the world.

We need a well qualified and competent person to do such a task. We need to put our political divisions aside and step back to say this "Together we can build and Haiti can be strong again." We need well educated Haitians and competent to move Haiti forward and that is why we should raise the bar for higher expectations if we all want to save Haiti.

It is going to be hard, but poverty will cease to be normal facts of life as well as corruption...

For Eistein, I would say this "times have changed and taking him now in our current society he may be regarded as a simple scholar for our times." He was a great scientist of the past with a unique knowledge, but today's date it will take more besides expertise in a field to claim the title of a scientist and make oneself known.

I never said that you do not stand for competency, but you and I need to raise the bar for higher expectations if we want to save our country.

I do not need a job in Haiti and I am not looking for one either rather I have been offering job by several candidates and I am thinking about some offers.

I currently believe other competent people than myself could fill those positions.

They want me because of my track record and education, but I am not willing to work for anybody who does intend to change Haiti's situations in the days ahead.

Real leadership must be tested either by God's acts or human mistakes like 911 or Swine Flu or the Cholera in Haiti.

Preval has been tested several times by God's acts and human mistakes (U.S. Scientists with Red Cross and U.N. agents) and he never proves himself to be a strong and competent leader.

With his politic of "Swim or sink", the state of Haiti will continue to experience the worst.

Tiba, that is the reason that I am proposing those economic, political and educational reforms in Haiti.

We do not need to fight or threaten anyone, but I believe that all Haiti's actors should abide by the implementations of the new rules of our restructuration plan to save Haiti.

The miracle is possible and I want you to understand the urgency of raising the bar for higher expectations within all Haiti's institutions whether they are private or public.

Listen, a state with a large bureaucratic government cannot be a regulator state and a growth stimulator one for job creation.

The role of a state is to supervize, promote job growth through economic stimulation and incentives as well as the implementation of the rule of law. Haiti's bureaucracy is too big and the state of Haiti discourages free enterprises and a competive market too. We need to change that, for the more free enterprises that we can have and the more jobs that we can create for ourselves.

We are occupied gain by the NGOs and we should withdraw their licenses so our own institutions could flourish again.

I know how to do that. As a former New York Chief Financial Auditor, I know how to do that and we will take Haiti back from their hands.

I will not hesitate to accept the presidency job for 5 years with no salary at all to change the face of Haiti.

This country can be saved and we need to believe that its redemption is possible.

Understanding the root causes of our internal divisions and external slavery as endorsed by the international comunities with our own educated citizens against their will, will help us solve the true problems of our Haitian society and Haiti can be good for all Haitians.

Our educated citizens should be liberated from those advanced countries to return to Haiti and they need to know that they belong to Haiti and nowhere else.

Lula had done it in Brazil and all Brazilians stay in their country to live forever.

That is this kind of stability that we need for Haiti and it is possible Tiba. We will do it and Haiti will be saved ok. May God bless you!

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