You are entitled to your own opinion, but Baker has been using...

Prince H. Feguens - November 22 2010, 6:18 PM

You are entitled to your own opinion, but Baker has been using Haitian masses with cheap labor to please the Americans for 23 years.

Baker is a Haitian-American settler among us and he can get us more polluted factories, the ones that African Americans, Native Americans and Mexican Americans do not want in their communities.

Baker will make Haiti an official backyard garbage for Americans.

Over the past 23 years, Baker abused Haitian workers by paying low wages to them so they can easily die. Baker opposed to the new salary wage bill that the Haitian parliament wanted to pass to change the Haitian workers' conditions.

Baker paid poor uneducated Haitians to kill some of the Haitian representatives if they had to pass that bill and promissed to fire many of his employees as well. Give me a break, we do not want Baker to lead in the days ahead.

He is an exporter of goods for a country that keeps tarnishing our reputation.

Baker was the one to call on the MINUSTAH forces to be in Haiti to protect his American factories.

Baker equals MINUSTAH and MINUSTAH is in Haiti because of Baker's request.

Give me a brake.

Baker is the symbol of colonization, exploitation and oppression too. Please give me a break your Charles Henry Baker...



Considering the challenges we are facing today, Charles Henry Baker is the best one to lead Haiti to a brighter...

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