God bless you for your bright ideas to help the people of...

Rev. Dr. Dumaine - November 23 2010, 11:34 PM

God bless you for your bright ideas to help the people of Haiti.

If you feel some of the word attributes to the vulgarity that can cause many people to start a revolution, so it was not the intention of the writer to justify that mean. It is nature that trends this way, the government may probably a family, friend, a political concierge;neverthless, we shall be agreed that the truth be told. If you the intellectuals wanted to intimidate people for speaking the truth, what is the expectation of the mass to receive some kind of 101 education level to further the cause of freedom in Haiti?

It is not proper ni moral to go discuss the background of any Haitian leaders anymore, but all the informations handed formally waiting the sound of the clock to be opened.

The truck driver, the taxi driver, the orphange boy has the same humanitarian purpose in life derserving the quality of life. They did the same thing to Jesus, Martin Luther, John Knox, Yes the title Rev. Dr. is really important in life, but freedom for the people is the greatest cause that shall never be negotiate.

I had rather die than to be the slave of the oppressors who use their mouths to deny access to the truth, but facilitated the vehicle of false to occupy the mind of the people.

If you trying to stop me from telling the world about moral justice, what about the people dying of starvation, malnutrition, cholera, who will never have access to a computer nor the internet browser?

You can talk all you wanted those in your corner will feel burning by the truth, but some few poor who have access to your hatred truth will resound your comment as unfitting.

So wicked you may be, not to say powerful which is belong to my father God through His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, you will be devoured by the hands of God if you shall not repent.

The ethical value is not about Guy Phillipe, there would not have a Guy Phillipe without Aristide, and Who knows both may the same sources.

God anointed me to be the agent of the truth, you will not shut up, nor close my mouth, neither make me quit the fight.

I am not into politic of hatred my brothers and sisters in the world, but in humanitarian call from my father; cause to stop by any sources would be a direct attack against God. Don't play with God neither with his messenger.Sorry! Have you rahter destroy your Haitians people just for the sake of government.

The Son of God does not take no order form any man. This mouth is opened untill you will try in vain; cause God is on my side hallelouyah to the lamb of God. Churches and pastors out of politic, but not out of the truht.

So I stay out of politic enabling to speak the truth.

Remember God loves you, so do I. It was a pleasure responding to you!


Rev. Dr.Dumaine should blame Guy Phillipe not the U.N for the cholera

First,you make a mockery of the Rev title by using vulgarity in your writing. Second,You are a coward. You are afraid...

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